Fancy adding a bit of show home chic to your interiors? Here’s how to do it…

This bright living room is from the show home at the Canterbury Park development, near Ware

This bright living room is from the show home at the Canterbury Park development, near Ware - Credit: Archant

Hertfordshire homeowners are being advised to forget about the miserable weather and inject some summery show home chic into their properties.

A splash of bright colour transforms the room

A splash of bright colour transforms the room - Credit: Archant

David Wilson Homes works closely with experienced interior designers to achieve a winning look in their show homes, which they hope will be a source of inspiration to others.

The company’s top tips include:

1. Live like royalty with ‘jewel colours’

The pretty bedroom in the Ware show home

The pretty bedroom in the Ware show home - Credit: Archant

Jewel colours have become one of the greatest interior design trends for 2017 and can be used to create a glamorous and opulent look in any room. Bright and bold colours such as emerald green, sapphire blue or fuchsia are a great way to enhance a room and make it more colourful, as well as adding a touch of luxury.

These indulgent colours are a fantastic way to make a statement in every room in your home, whether it be used as the colour of the feature wall or in the soft furnishings and artwork.

2. Make sure your rooms flow

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Use inflections of the same colour or furniture throughout your home to ensure each room flows into the next. Not only does this add a familiarity to each room and make it more uniform, it also allows you to bring out different features throughout the home, such as a feature wall or a hallway.

Glenn Copper, Sales Director at David Wilson Homes North Thames, says: “One of the biggest changes we found in new trends was that over the last few years people have changed the way that they live and now benefit from having an open plan layout throughout their home.

“A top tip of mine is to keep a theme colour or style that can be used throughout the house to ensure each room flows into the next.”

3. Accessories are important – but don’t overdo it

Accessorising your home is extremely important and can often be an excellent way to personalise your new property and put your own stamp on it. Using accents of chrome throughout the house is an excellent way of keeping each room bright, as the light is reflected from these, and creating an edgy and stylish look in your home at the same time.

“The main thing to consider when buying your new accessories is to not to overdo it – many people get over excited by what’s available and this can often lead to rooms looking cluttered,” Glenn adds.

Stick to adding only two or three trinkets and photo frames to a coffee table or fireplace, as anything more than this can make a room look smaller.

David Wilson Homes North Thames is currently building homes in Hertfordshire at Swallow Fields on Three Cherry Trees Lane in Hemel Hempstead. They will be going on sale in September 2017.

For more information please call the sales information line on 0844 854 7767 or visit

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