Expert View: Time to spring into the property market?

Nick Doyle, Aitchisons

Nick Doyle, Aitchisons - Credit: Archant

Nick Doyle from Aitchisons asks: “Is it possible to have a stress free move?”

Is it time to spring into action?

Is it time to spring into action? - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Probably not. However, there are a number of things that you can do to minimise pressure and ease the way from your present property to your next one. There is never any shortage of ‘good advice’ to be found when you’re thinking of moving – with regard to how to prepare your own home for the market and how best to go about searching for the next one. It is rarely possible to get everything right, but important elements are:


Getting the timing right can be more influential than all other factors put together. Traditionally, Easter is the time when the market tends to ‘come alive’ and although there are many reasons why year-round activity is now a bit more level it is still a time when those looking to move can anticipate more activity in the marketplace. In a way, the imminent Article 50 trigger may also act as a release valve.

More choice

Many vendors, particularly those with large and lovingly tended gardens, would rather come to the market when the days are longer, probably warmer and the garden has started to bloom. ‘Everything looks better’ and a good selection of available properties encourages...

More viewers

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The weather is very influential and it is no surprise that viewings are easier to come by on warmer spring/summer days than in the depths of a bleak midwinter. The many London based buyers who are always looking to move to this area have a lot more opportunity for daylight viewings once the clocks have changed.

Be ready to market

Get the snagging and de-cluttering done and look at your house as though you are a viewer. It is prudent to be ahead of the game and making sure that your own property will give a good first impression as soon as you start to look for another. You never know when the right one is going to appear and you might very well miss out if you then have to take time before your own property is ready for photography and receiving viewers. Even better if you have a patient buyer waiting for yours - it will make the seller of your next one take your offer seriously.

Get good advice

Whether you are looking to move locally, or go further afield, you should quickly get a sense from different agents of whether you are receiving good advice or simply being ‘sold to’.

Aitchisons would welcome the opportunity of discussing your current properly requirements and with regard to your search we will provide all the guidance and assistance with a proposed local move that you would expect. We can also help similarly if you are thinking of moving out of the area as through The London Office network we can also provide a warm introduction to a like-minded independent agent in that area.

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