Expert View: Scott Gilbert, director of KDW Property, shares his top valuation tips

Scott Gilbert, KDW Property

Scott Gilbert, KDW Property - Credit: Archant

Often people choose their estate agent based on who has given them the higher valuation figure, however this is not necessarily the best option.

One of the first steps you undertake when selling a property will be to obtain a valuation. Sometimes a valuation will be overestimated by the estate agent to entice you to sign up with them, only to then encourage you to reduce the marketing price in a few weeks.

These are my top tips for obtaining valuations:

* Before contacting any estate agent it helps to research properties in your area to get an idea of their selling price. Land Registry will give you an indication as to confirmed sales prices in your area, while sales portals such as Rightmove will show current properties that are on the market and their marketing price.

* Ask a couple of estate agents to come and value your property to get to know each agent. Essentially you are looking to utilise the services of an agent and company who have the knowledge and expertise to do the best possible job of selling your property.

* Expect the valuation to last anywhere between 30-50 minutes.

* Whilst the estate agent is conducting the valuation, try and give them space so they can give your valuation their full attention.

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* A good estate agent will likely go away to carry out some further research before sharing their figures with you.

* Find out about the services which are vital in promoting your property. Some agents will charge for professional photography, Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), floorplans and even in some cases accompanied viewings. It is essential that you know what your associated costs are before signing any agency agreement and also the length of the agreement that you are signing.

* Do not be pressurised to sign up with an estate agent at the valuation; have a think about it and make a decision over the coming days.

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