Expert View: Nick Doyle asks, ‘As temperatures continue to soar, is the housing market showing signs of cooling off?’

Nick Doyle, operations director of Aitchisons

Nick Doyle, operations director of Aitchisons - Credit: Photo supplied

“Hot town.... SUMMER IN THE CITY.”

After a tumultuous run of events the mercury is certainly rising in the political sphere but, as always, there are many different reports and points of view as to “how is the market?” and “what do you think will happen?” It doesn’t take very long to find a report (or several) to support any of them.

(Perhaps we should have a poll? It must be about time for another one.)

There is always a market - and there can be keen competition for any property if it is correctly priced to reflect current demand.

At Aitchisons we are pleased to report that business and levels of activity have stayed relatively constant throughout the second quarter, with good levels of viewings and offers received across all price ranges - from new and converted flats appealing to first time buyers to the top of the market at £6m plus.

At the time of writing we can see that summer has certainly arrived (with a couple of colleagues somewhat pink - to say the least - after ‘chilling’ in their gardens at the weekend) and many people are enjoying the good weather and looking forward to their holidays, Royal Ascot, Wimbledon and so on.

For those who are thinking of moving in the near future it is worth bearing in mind that the good weather, with excellent light and shade at various times of day, gives an ideal opportunity for photography and the preparation of top quality promotional material.

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Also, whilst activity in the market slows down during the holidays to an extent, it is unlikely that more than half of prospective buyers are away at any given time – in previous years we have seen some very good sales agreed during this period.

There are many well-placed applicants currently viewing – some are simply searching for ‘St Albans’, others for specific parts of the city and a further large number of people for whom ‘what’ a property offers is more important than ‘where’ it is – we quite often arrange viewings for a buyer on the same day at properties across the area from South-Herts, around St Albans and over towards Berkhamsted, Tring and the nearby Chilterns.

Whether you see or hear that the market is ‘booming’ or ‘bust’ it is usually good advice to treat those two imposters just the same.

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