Expert View: Aitchisons’ Nick Doyle talks recycling...

Nick Doyle, Aitchisons, St Albans

Nick Doyle, Aitchisons, St Albans - Credit: Archant

A certain B word has caused me a number of sleepless nights in the last few weeks and led to a huge amount of confusion and domestic ‘discussion’ with my spouse, family and friends.

I thought it would be useful to try and clarify the situation in my expert column because I have been repeatedly asked by my wife to give it my urgent attention.

Anyway, here goes to hopefully try and shed some light on the new bin guidelines for St Albans:

New Brown Bin: landfill waste. In old money this was everything.

New Small Green Caddy: food waste to apparently include any dead rodents my cat has killed.

Black Bin: plastic, glass and cans. All my friends’ spouses knew this one.

Green Bin: no stranger to this one, garden waste.

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Existing Paper and Card bin: three guesses.

We are carrying a number of market appraisals at present as potential sellers are seeking our expert opinion on current market trends and prices. Having valued homes in St Albans for over 25 years there is very little I haven’t seen with recessions, elections, banks collapsing, etc, etc.

The new bin regulations do not deter my staff and we will always go the extra yard and remove them from the front of your property and put them back to ensure the cleanest of front photographs.

Mission accomplished, a whole article without mentioning the other B word.

Nick Doyle, Aitchisons