Expert tips on what to do with your Christmas tree

Binning your tree may not be your only option, as Kate explains

Binning your tree may not be your only option, as Kate explains - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

We asked local gardening expert Kate Gould for ideas on what to do with your tree post-Christmas.

Kate Gould

Kate Gould - Credit: Archant

Kate said: “Many of us prefer the look and feel of a real Christmas tree but can be unsure what to do with it afterwards. Depending on where you live and your local council, you will have quite a few options.

“You can take your tree to a drop off recycling centre, if you check your local council website for details.

“Some garden centres, such as Aylett Nurseries, will collect and chip your tree for a small fee. Or you could chop it up and fit it into your green bin if it is small enough.”

Residents served by St Albans City & District Council can leave their tree with their kerbside recycling, assuming its trunk is no more than two inches thick. This is only for those who live in houses, however.

Kate explained that a great option is to plant your tree in the garden. You can do this with trees that have a root ball but they will keep on growing, so Kate advises you to think ahead about if you want a tree of that size in your garden. An alternative is to keep it in a pot, where you can control the growth.

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