Comment: With nowhere to buy, renting may be the only option

A rental property can fill the gap between selling and buying. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A rental property can fill the gap between selling and buying. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

There comes a point in any moving saga when the reality regarding next steps really hits home.

For most people, that's the mix of emotions that come from letting go of a place that's full of memories combined with the excitement of moving on to somewhere new and (hopefully) better.

For us, it's the growing realisation that, with the ongoing lack of a dream home to purchase, we're probably looking at a spell in rented.

Yes, while our sale seems to be progressing at a reasonable rate, there's still no sign of a new house for us to buy.

So, with what will hopefully only be a month or two until completion, we've started looking at rental options.

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Naturally, renting round here doesn't come cheap - especially when you're looking for four bedrooms.

Then, in addition to our three delightful children, there's the added complication of the dog and cats.

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The ultimate undesirable mix of kids and animals will most likely place us at the back of any queue going, so we'll have to hope that the rental market's a little less heated than things have seemed for us sales-wise.

Then there's the possibility that the ideal house may finally come up for sale just as we sign a rental contract. Not ideal, but probably - hopefully - not a total disaster either.

Ultimately, it may be a good thing.

Next time there's a bidding war with offers only being considered from chain-free buyers, we may even have a hope (assuming we can find a suitable property with a landlord willing to take us all on).

The dream isn't over, it's (hopefully) just on hold.

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