Comment: Who’s up for paying £280,000 for a beach hut?

For £280,000, a toilet would be nice... [credit: Denisons]

For £280,000, a toilet would be nice... [credit: Denisons] - Credit: Archant

Did you hear the one about the £280,000 beach hut? No, really – did you? Because there’s one for sale right now in Dorset.

Forget about the drama surrounding the £6m house in St Albans (or the fact that there’s currently a garage for sale there for £20,000...) whatever way you look at it, this is one pricey shed.

The wooden home measures 16ft 7in by 10ft 2in and sleeps four people thanks to a nifty mezzanine level (though you can only spend the night there between March and October).

The fact that the hut has no running water, mains electricity or toilet is unlikely to deter a cashed up buyer from snapping up the Dorset des res, which sits on the exclusive Mudeford Spit in Christchurch.

Naturally, for one such ideally-located abode, it’s not short on snazzy features – there are bi-fold doors leading to the beach-side decking area and the views are undeniably amazing.

As residents of Hertfordshire know all too well, a quarter of a million doesn’t get you very far these days, but £280,000 for a spruced up shed – albeit one with a beach literally outside the front door – still seems a tad excessive.

A hut on the very same peninsula sold for £275,000 earlier this year however, so an asking price offer seems likely to become a reality.

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If you had a spare £280,000 to spend on property, what would you buy?

A two-bed equestrian facility with eight stable blocks in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire? A six-bed semi in Wallasey, Merseyside? Or maybe a one-bed flat in St Albans? No?

Personally, I’m lacking the budget for a teeny, tiny holiday home at this point, so will have to pass. In the meantime I’ll be looking at what I can do to add value to my garden shed. It sleeps none and has bin views, but if the price is right I’m sure someone will be up for owning it…