Comment: The standout St Albans homes we love looking at – and talking about

Who wouldn't want to take a look inside Wick House?

Who wouldn't want to take a look inside Wick House? - Credit: Archant

Which local properties would you most like to take a look inside?

Unusual ones, if our property spotlights – and the web traffic they generate – are anything to go by.

These stats say we care most about unique properties on roads with a fair amount of footfall – more so, often, than hugely expensive ones.

Over the years, the properties that have really captured our imaginations have all been St Albans-based. They include The Old Factory on Watsons Walk – you know, that cute house you always stare at when you’re stuck at the lights – and The Old Substation on St Peter’s Road, an aptly-named former substation.

Then there’s “the oldest registered house in St Albans”, Crispin House on Holywell Hill. Admittedly, this hardly falls into the “not expensive” bracket for most of us (its asking price was £1,295,000) but its striking appearance and prominent position on the corner of Sopwell Lane means many of us have admired it when walking by and been curious to know what it looks like inside.

At the other end of the expensive spectrum is Wick House on Marshal’s Drive – the second most expensive home sold in Hertfordshire during 2017, having changed hands for £7.1 million. As famously posh and pricey as St Albans may be, homes like this come on the market very infrequently and this place’s widespread appeal was obvious.

This week, the spotlight is on The Apex, the unique building at the corner of St Peter’s and Hatfield Roads. It’s only a couple of weeks ago that we were discussing how much that part of town has changed since Newsom Place replaced the Oaklands College buildings, and this one is the most striking new addition of the lot.

With so many identikit new-build flats and pretty-but-samey Victorian cottages in St Albans, this two-bed first-floor apartment really stands out from the crowd. When I saw it was for sale, I was excited to see what it looked like inside – and the stats show I wasn’t alone. Which other net curtains are you keen to take a peek behind? Do let us know!