Comment: From Ver to Verulam... are these St Albans’ prettiest streets?

Fishpool Street is one of St Albans' finest. 

Fishpool Street is one of St Albans' finest. - Credit: Karyn Haddon

Coming up with a list of St Albans' prettiest streets is up there with choosing its top state school or most popular coffee shop (ie. not easy). 

This was the challenge I faced when compiling one of this week's web stories, imaginatively titled ‘11 of St Albans' prettiest streets’.

With so many amazing options on offer, it was no easy task... but I finally settled on a cluster of streets in and around St Michael's, plus Inkerman Road and York Road. 

I know the old conservation area always get the glory where things like this are concerned, but with almost every street in the area being an absolute beauty it would be unfair not to give credit where it’s due. 

The grand Georgian homes set back from Verulam Road made the inclusion of this street a no-brainer, while the gorgeous period terraces on College Street just had to be acknowledged. As much as I love our 1930s house, I'd swap it in a second for one of those stunners. 

It takes more than a few lovely houses to make a pretty street, of course. Views of green space gave York Road and Verulam Road even more of an edge, while the opposite – a narrow, almost hemmed-in feel – achieved the same result for many of the others, including Spicer Street, Fishpool Street and Inkerman Road.

In the case of Ver Road, the houses are almost incidental: the peaceful, private ambience and amazing view of the cathedral is what secured this street its spot. 

Which St Albans street do you think is the prettiest? Email and I'll put your favourites in the mix for the inevitable follow up: 'Even more of St Albans' prettiest streets.'