Comment: Staycation blues... and Rightmove's most-viewed

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Rightmove's most-viewed properties offer a window into another world. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Who's feeling end of August vibes? 

The schools will be reopening any minute and, for those of us who didn't venture abroad,  this summer's been a little low on sun. 

The faff of testing and general uncertainty of the government's traffic light system saw my family joining the throngs of staycationers in the south west a couple of weeks ago. 

And while we love a body boarding session and sandy pasty as much as the next Brit, a bit more sun would have been a big bonus. 

Like many people, we paid a premium to holiday at home this summer, and this would have felt a lot less annoying if the overcast 18-degree days had been that bit brighter. So while I feel lucky to have got away at all, our trip didn't quite provide the blissful break from reality a summer holiday ideally offers. 
Luckily, there's always Rightmove.

For me, trawling property portals looking at the houses I'll never buy is the ultimate escapism. 

It's for this reason that Rightmove's round up of their most viewed homes of the year so far is a source of such joy. 

Take the £15m Chigwell mega-pad, for example. This understated offering comes complete with its own equestrian centre, an underground garage for 10 cars (plus car lift and turntable) and a spa with pool, Jacuzzi and steam room. 

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Or there's the luxury £2.5m home near Truro, Cornwall; its stunning creek views and "access to the tranquil waters and foreshore via a jetty below" would probably have helped take the edge off the less-than scorching weather we experienced a couple of weeks back. 

The most amazing place on the portal's list is the £30m Godalming mansion set in 30 acres, however. Yes, £30m.

As well as the usual pool/gym/home cinema combo, this place has its own bowling alley, double height party room and integral staff flat. Is your place seeming a bit rubbish at this point? 

Even by St Albans or Harpenden standards, this house offers next-level extravagance. No wonder it's been pulling in so many punters for an online snoop. And if it helps take the edge off an underwhelming summer, so be it.