Comment: St Albans’ most prestigious streets and why they’re not for everyone

Not for everyone: Faircross Way, viewed from The Park

Not for everyone: Faircross Way, viewed from The Park - Credit: Archant

We all love to judge the house-buying decisions of others, which may explain the interest in our recent feature on St Albans’ most prestigious streets.

According to two local agents, Marshal’s Drive, The Park, Faircross Way and Homewood Road are the four best addresses in town – but they wouldn’t be top of everyone’s list.

The fact that every home on these four streets seems to sell for prices in excess of £1.5m undoubtedly gives them a certain cachet, and their sizeable plots and nearby great schools are two more reasons to like them.

But some simply prefer other areas, however (relatively) humble the homes may be.

The agents I spoke to for the feature agreed that, while those four roads were widely acknowledged as being the best in town, the things that make a street sought-after remain very personal.

I like living centrally for the sheer convenience of having everything close at hand, with the added benefit of not having to drive very often.

Our oldest child was only two when we started looking for our current house, so primary schools were a consideration. I spent hours researching our options, trying to get a feel for where was best and why.

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In the end, after looking at around 40 properties, we decided our children’s education wasn’t as important as us living in a house we liked, so let the property take precedence over the school. Luckily that aspect’s worked out fine and we’re happy with our local primary, as well as our house.

But not everyone would make this call. A friend decided against a house on our street because it’s a main road and she was worried about the noise. Others are put off by a nearby pub and the drunk people that may be falling out of it.

An undoubted compromise of living centrally is the small garden – we don’t mind, but many visitors do – and they’re not afraid to let us know about it (which we obviously really love hearing!)

Our road never gets a mention when posh streets are being discussed but it suits us and that’s all that matters, right? (Plus we don’t have £1.5m…)