Comment: Looking for a side hustle? Try pimping out your property

It's not easy getting on the property ladder in London or Luton. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Your home could net you a tidy additional income. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Who wouldn't want to make a bit of money from their home?

Side hustles are all the rage, and while renting out a room – or an entire house – may not be possible, there are other things you can do to bring in some bonus cash. 

Hiring out a space on your drive can earn you in excess of £100 per month, for example. Or there's also the option to pimp out your place for a photo shoot or filming session. It can be a bit more disruptive than having someone else's motor out front, though the financial rewards will likely take the edge off that inconvenience.

According to one locations website, hiring your house out for filming can net you upwards of £10,000 per week! 

This site is called Lavish Locations, mind, and high end pads do make up the bulk of properties on their books, though there is the odd more modest abode among the huge loft apartments and stunning stately homes. 

But as I discovered when writing about my experience of using my house for a photo shoot, the lived in, average family home look is sometimes exactly what's needed.

But while your home needn't be a mega mansion for you to make a bit of money from it, there'll need to be an OK amount of space space for the photographer, actors, etc. to comfortably fit in. 

Not sure? Maybe start with the drive and work your way indoors? In these dicey financial times, both options are worth considering.