Comment: Who doesn't have a pandemic purchase they regret?

Gamer presses buttons on controller as he plays video games in his living room.

Gaming equipment is the UK's most regretted pandemic purchase, according to Aviva. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

What's your most regrettable pandemic purchase? The unused pizza oven, maybe, or the dusty Peloton bike? 

The lockdowns had us splashing the cash that might otherwise have been spent on holidays or some form of social life on all manner of home-based comforts, and now many of us are wishing we hadn't bothered.

According to Aviva, UK adults spent more than £6.6bn during the pandemic on things they no longer use.

Gaming gear topped the insurer's list of most regretted buys, with 45 per cent of people saying they wished they hadn't bothered with this particular purchase. This was followed by tools/carpentry equipment, clothes/shoes (both 43 per cent) and home gym equipment (39 per cent). 

Musical instruments and pizza ovens tied with 37 per cent, followed by hot tubs/Jacuzzis (36 per cent). 

Nicki Charles, customer and marketing director at Aviva, said: "Faced with weeks or months at home, many of us made purchases to entertain ourselves – often costing hundreds or even thousands of pounds."

Too right, Nicki. Like most of St Albans, we hit the Alban Way hard during the first lockdown on our shiny new bikes... which have been sitting the in shed for the last year. Aviva say 27 per cent of people regret this purchase. I don't regret it exactly, I just no longer wish to use it. 

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We also invested in a badminton kit, a netball post and more takeaways than we'd ever eaten (just doing our bit to support local businesses at a trying time...) and don't regret any of them, not least because they sort of balanced each other out. We're still a bit fatter than we were in March 2020, mind. 

Memories of the lockdowns are still raw for most of us, and if a new hot tub or pizza oven helped lift your mood during a stressful time, is that such a bad thing? At least you can now sell it and put it towards the holiday you'd probably have preferred in the first place.