Comment: Is your kitchen chaos under control?

Creating order from chaos might be easier than you think

Creating order from chaos might be easier than you think - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

We all know that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, but how many of us manage to keep these two rooms looking tip top when we’re not looking to sell?

Personally, my kitchen is an explosion of book bag contents, junk mail and condiments. Units which were once sleek and white are now barely visible beneath a wall of kids’ artwork.

I’ve got a noticeboard, but it’s far from orderly, with out of date coupons jostling for space alongside kids’ party invitations and yet more interesting illustrations.

And the drawers… each began life as a home for something specific, but has ended up stuffed full of extra, well, stuff, with any identifiable system now long gone.

Like basically everyone ever, I’ve occasionally thought how nice it would be if someone else came round and sorted it all out for me. Luckily, there are a few local businesses that offer this service, including new St Albans-based biz, Life Works. Karen and Alison are two local mums who know a thing or two about being organised, having first worked together as part of their children’s school PTA. They’re now turning their passion into a career, outsourcing their organisational skills to help others achieve a better work/life balance.

Speaking as someone who’s about as passionate about home organisation as I am about filling in my tax return, I’ve been paying close attention to their top tips in this week’s feature.

While my current noticeboard system clearly isn’t working, I’m pleased to see I’m at least doing the right thing in having one.

Putting small containers in drawers to help keep like with like is another simple but effective tool for reducing chaos and making life more efficient.

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Keeping the surfaces permanently free of junk might just be a step too far for me, however. I’m all about stuffing the random bits and bobs in the nearest drawer as a quick fix, but day-to-day the issue of the kitchen clutter pile seems impossible to bring under control. I’m going to give it a go, though, as it’s not a look I like. I just need to buy some Tupperware...