Comment: Is Aldenham really posher than St Albans and Harpenden?

The golf club is one of Aldenham's main attractions. Picture: Danny Loo

Aldenham is one of just three villages in Hertfordshire with an average property price in excess of £1m. - Credit: Archant

Talk about St Albans and Harpenden being posh (we do, often) – well, it turns out they have nothing on Aldenham. 

This exclusive village between Radlett and Watford makes our local hotspots seem as bargainous as Burnley or Bradford. 

Two recent studies have placed Aldenham firmly at the top in the 'most posh' stakes, with a pair of appearances among the Herts local authority wards with the highest priced properties and one in a list of Hertfordshire's five most desirable villages

Harpenden West ranked seventh in the first countdown, with an average price of £957,753, below Aldenham East (£1,329,291) and Aldenham West (£1,067,316). The highest performing area of St Albans was Marshalsiwck South (£784,827).

We found out more about this truly high end village in this week's area guide

Back in down-at-heel St Albans and our building work continues apace. We're now midway into week two and have a portable toilet squashed against the living room window, a digger by the back door and upturned wheelbarrows all over the garden. 

We also have foundations in place for our kitchen extension, which is quite exciting. 

It's not all good, though. The tree on the end of the drive has taken a battering from a grabber scooping soil from the drive, and been driven into by a ready-mix concrete lorry. 

Witnessing this is just one of the many joys of living (and working) on site, and I'm sure there'll be more such scenarios to come...