Comment: Property viewings and the next level nosiness that's just not on

Hosting your own property viewings has been labelled a major property turn-off - with good reason

Four out of five of us have checked out a property online with no intention of viewing it in person. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Are you a virtual property voyeur? It seems likely. 

According to a new survey from U-See Homes, 81 per cent of us have looked at a property online with no intention of actually viewing it.  

Guilty as charged. I blame my job... and my nosiness. 

Honestly, though — who hasn't seen a 'for sale' sign go up outside a neighbour's house and not immediately got online for a little look? 

Some take it a step too far, mind: 16 per cent of respondents said they'd viewed a property in person despite having absolutely no intention of submitting an offer.

Most (65 per cent) said curiosity was the main reason, while 12 per cent said they did so to get inside a luxurious or expensive home. 

Most alarming by some margin is the 3 per cent who confessed to viewing a home they had no intention of buying because it belonged to a neighbour, friend or colleague. 

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This next level snooping is so wrong. I mean, if you'd like a real life look around, just ask your neighbour/friend/colleague rather than setting up a time wasting tour with their estate agent. 

In related news (seamless link!) our revived Property Secrets series is back this week. 

While it doesn't involve stealth visits to people's homes, it offers a similar level of insight without the shame and regret. 

This feature first ran back in 2016, and saw familiar local faces, ranging from author Angela Clarke to actor Vincent Franklin telling us what they love (and loathe) about their homes and local area. 

First up this time is Hitchin and Harpenden MP Bim Afolami. While Bim is understandably secretive about exactly where he lives (we settled on "a village not far from Harpenden") he was happy to spill on everything else, from his views on boarding schools to his terrible (in his wife's opinion) taste in art. 

We have many more familiar local faces lined up to appear in the coming weeks, and if there's anyone you'd like us to feature, do let us know. It'll be easier than waiting for their home to come on the market, then booking a stealth viewing...