Comment: How often do you wipe your walls?

The wipe stuff: How often do you clean your walls?

The wipe stuff: How often do you clean your walls? - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Apparently there are certain key areas of many of our homes that never see cloth nor cleaning product. My money was on the bits of skirting board hidden behind radiators topping this particular list, but no – walls have won it.

Hands up who cleans their walls, then? I’m not the most house-proud, and have been guilty of trying to leave a rental property without first mopping the patio (total tenant fail – the agent called me on it), but it’s never occurred to me that my walls might need regular cleaning. Even the really splodgy bits next to the kid dining zone only get the very occasional half-hearted going over with a wet wipe.

On the bright but slightly smeary side, at least I’m not alone. A study by Lightbulbs Direct showed that 15 per cent of us never clean our walls, while 10 per cent are forgetting to clean our doorknobs, tops of cupboards (9 per cent) computer keyboards (8 per cent) and lampshades (8 per cent). The shame! How do you fare compared to this lot? I must admit to being guilty on all counts. And now I feel all wrong typing this on such a germ-fest keyboard.

Other areas shown to require attention include light switches – another hotbed of bacteria neglected by many. It’s like that thing about pubs’ communal peanuts housing more bacteria than their toilet bowls. According to Which?, some keyboards can be five times as dirty as a toilet seat – and 20 per cent of us clean our keyboards twice a year or less. 8 per cent of us have, ahem, never cleaned them, ever.

More alarming in my opinion is that 10 per cent of people told Lightbulbs Direct that they cleaned their dining tables and work surfaces less than once a month, while 3 per cent felt an annual wipe down was sufficient. This is where they prepare food! Now that really takes the biscuit (but doesn’t clean up its crumbs...)