Comment: Garden parties a-go-go as lockdown lifts

Renters are making outside space a priority. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

With lockdown loosening, up to six people or two families can now meet in a private garden. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Lockdown is lifting, and we're finally allowed to meet friends or family in our gardens again - and what an absolute pleasure that is. 

After months in which my only planned social endeavours were walks in the cold with one person, it's been nice to have a sit down for a natter with five friends or a whole other family. 

In true British bank holiday fashion, we got carried away and invited people over for a couple of barbecues, forgetting this would inevitably result in freezing weather conditions. 

While one such event did involve us all shivering in our coats and scarves, the sun made an appearance on Easter Sunday, making for a lovely end to a week of meet ups. 

Having people over forces you to look at your home anew, with the things that you'd stopped noticing suddenly sticking right out - rotten garden shed and lack of patio table, I'm talking to you. 

Yes, we've been among the many hit hard by what appears to be a nationwide garden furniture shortage. Our old outdoor table didn't make the move from our last place, instead finding itself fast tracked to the tip thanks to a couple of rotten legs. 

Browsing for a replacement last week, I realised how woefully behind the times I was in my quest to get our outside space in order: everything was either sold out or due back in stock in September. 

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I blame Brexit/COVID/my own lack of forward planning. 

This wasn't going to stand in the way of our first hosting in months, however: a pasting table stepped up to become the perfect patio furniture addition, and with the aid of a paint-splattered tablecloth, we were fully visitor-ready. 

It may not have been the best look ever, but it was absolutely worth it for the stationary socialising. 

Here's to the end of lockdown and the longed-for joy of having friends and family in our homes once more.