Comment: Celebs are struggling to sell - but there are bargains to be had for billionaires

3 Carlton Gardens in the St James's area of London has recently changed hands for £95million. Pictur

3 Carlton Gardens in the St James's area of London has recently changed hands for £95million. Picture: Google Street View - Credit: Archant

It’s not just regular folk who are suffering thanks to the current uncertainty in the property market – celebs are also having a tough time.

It’s hard to feel much sympathy when reading about poor Noel Gallagher, who’s been forced to slash the price of his Little Venice mews house by more than £2million, however.

Seems there’s not much demand for stucco-fronted five-bed semis with Regents Canal views at the moment – at least, not those priced at £8,950,000.

Poor Noel. He paid £8million for the mansion back in 2010, meaning he could end up selling at a loss. And he’s not alone.

Mary Berry’s also having a tough time of it property-wise. The baking supremo has been trying to offload her Grade II listed pad in Buckinghamshire since 2017, recently dropping the price from £4million to a marginally more affordable £3.45million – but still no takers.

Thankfully, the failure to shift her family home of 29 years hasn’t stopped Mary from downsizing to a £2.6million mansion in Henley-on-Thames. The joys of not needing to worry about anything as tedious as a property chain!

Not everyone’s struggling, mind. One man who definitely isn’t fretting about whether he’s over-paying pre-Brexit is Ken Griffin. The hedge fund billionaire has just treated himself to a £95million property down the road from Buckingham Palace.

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The price of 3 Carlton Gardens was just a drop in the ocean for the founder of Chicago-based Citadel, however – he’s believed to be worth £6.8billion.

What’s more, the hefty price tag might even have been a bargain, relatively speaking - it had been on the market for an even more unbelievable £125million for two years with no takers.

Anyone feeling bad about needing to scrape a couple of extra thousand together for their next move? Definitely not me…