Comment: Bins are breeding and we’re all talking rubbish

Forest Garden Double Wheelie Bin Hide - yours for £249.99

Forest Garden Double Wheelie Bin Hide - yours for £249.99 - Credit: Archant

Bins, eh? If we’re not moaning about the fumes they omit, it’s the sheer, excessive number of them that’s getting us talking rubbish.

There was once a time – I think it was the ’80s – when a single metal container was enough to handle all the waste a single household could create. But since we became more eco, our bins have been breeding – and now we have about a dozen plastic boxes and wheelie bins squashed into our outside space.

Behind our back gate is a trio of wheelie bins for garden waste, glass and plastics and utter, un-recyclable rubbish, plus a green food caddy and a stack of boxes for paper recycling. While they may be better for the environment, this wall of bins is not a pretty sight. Our garden’s on the small side, and our bin parade takes up a significant chunk of space.

So, what do you do about the blot on your garden landscape? Bin stickers, perhaps. Transform that wall of ugly, uncoordinated plastic into a cottage garden or beech hedge for a mere 18 quid per bin (available from Alton garden centres, among other stockists - in case you’re interested).

Or build a pretty bin tidy out of trellis, say. Not feeling particularly creative?

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An option for anyone sick of the bin blight who can’t face knocking up a bespoke creation (so pretty much everyone) is Forest Garden’s Double Wheelie Bin Hide. Yes, this catchily-named device is the answer to all your wheelie bin woes, and could be yours for just £249.99. It’s a bit steep, but what price a pretty garden?

Then there are bin cleaners. As pet owners, our rubbish bin honks to high heaven, so we trialled a bin cleaning service for a few months ahead of a house swap, mainly out of shame. Instead of smelling like increasingly stale faeces, our bin’s odour was transformed once a fortnight into something akin to a Jo Malone room diffuser. It was like having a new bin.

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It’s not cheap, mind – £3 per bin is Love Your Bin’s starting price for a block booking, but you can expect to pay a lot more (£12!) for a one-off clean.

A load of rubbish or a price worth paying? You decide.

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