Comment: Bank holiday? There's no better time to build your own bar

The DIY retail market is second only to grocery in the UK.

Home improvements have been a big thing during lockdown. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Another bank holiday weekend is almost upon us, meaning two likely occurrences: rain and DIY. 

After all, who among us hasn't got a lockdown home improvement task that needs finishing? And if the weather's as awful as it's been lately, there won't be any al fresco dining opportunities to get in the way. 

In a new survey by GoodMove, 48 per cent of Brits said being stuck at home during lockdown inspired them to crack on with home improvements, spending an average of £1,640.21. 

The most popular jobs were decorating (46 per cent), creation of a home office (39 per cent) and garden or outdoor space renovation (37 per cent).

Most interesting is the strong minority of DIY-ers who've busied themselves with the creation of home gyms (22 per cent), bars (12 per cent) and cinemas (8 per cent). Who even needs the outside world anyway? 

While having a handy place to exercise while the gyms were shut was doubtless the priority for the 22 per cent, they may be miffed to hear that it'll take more than 10 years of home workouts before the space has paid for itself. 

According to GoodMove, creating such a space typically costs around £5,000, and with the average gym membership being around £40 per month, 125 months of home gym usage would be required in order to break even. 

And you just can't beat the feeling of a new purchase paying for itself. My husband experienced exactly this endorphin rush during lockdown when he bought a chainsaw and chopped down a tree. When weighed up against the cost of getting a pro in to fell the said tree, the chainsaw had paid for itself. What a win.  

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Homeowners are understandably obsessed with adding value, so it will be interesting to see if movers are prepared to pay a premium for all these home gyms, bars and cinemas. 

They may prefer to make their own, of course. Though with rain currently forecast to hold off until Tuesday, that might be one for another bank holiday.