Comment: 53 The Park shows us how the other half live

53 The Park: This is what a £6m house looks like

53 The Park: This is what a £6m house looks like - Credit: Archant

We love a big, posh house here in Herts, and this week’s property section is full of them.

Living the dream: No 6m home would be complete without staff, would it?

Living the dream: No 6m home would be complete without staff, would it? - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

I visited 53 The Park and gained an awesome insight into what is truly another world of home ownership.

Everything had been considered, from the bespoke storage for watches and jewellery to the his and hers en-suites, with a butch rectangular bath for him, and curved, more ladylike option for her. I left feeling annoyed at the indignity of having to share a bathroom, not only with my other half, but also our three children. This place has seven bedrooms and eight en-suites! Wherever could I acquire the £6m necessary to purchase such a home?

It was the car lift that really, ahem, elevated this property (and me, quite literally, from the basement garage). Apparently passersby have been gaping in amazement at the sight of the hydraulic platform ascending, as the theme from Thunderbirds blasts out. It’s definitely a spectacle – and ideal for people who prefer not to speak to their neighbours (simply drive through the electronic gate, press a button and - ta-da - you’re in the basement).

I still feel like I’m living the dream when I get to park in my own actual driveway, after years of being forced to put my parallel parking ‘skills’ to the test. The idea of having a garage – or, heaven forbid – an underground ‘leisure complex’ blows my mind. Not that I really need an on-site yoga studio or cocktail bar, but, y’know, it’d be nice.

After visiting The Park, arriving back to my own house, with its peeling wallpaper, piles of kid clutter and all-encompassing eau de dog felt something of an anti-climax.

Like most of the rest of Hertfordshire, I’m sadly lacking the millions required to make owning this particular home a reality, but I loved seeing how the other half live.

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