Brits causing chaos with dangerous Christmas tree transportation

How not to transport a Christmas tree...

How not to transport a Christmas tree... - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Do you know how to safely transport a Christmas tree by car? You’re in the minority if so.

According to research from car rental company, Enterprise, only 7 per cent of British adults admit to knowing the rules of the road where Christmas tree transportation is concerned.

16 per cent said they only have a “vague idea” while three quarters (77 per cent) confessed they don’t have a clue.

10 per cent of those quizzed admitted they have previously transported a tree in a manner which “may have contravened the rules of the road” – such as letting it hang out of the boot, loosely tying it to the top of the car without a roof rack, or positioning it in such a way that it obscured the driver’s vision.

If you’re currently tree-less and planning on using one of the above methods to transport your tree, think again: over a quarter (26 per cent) of those who admitted to having done so say they have previously been stopped by the police.

Brendan Grieve, Enterprise Assistant Vice President of Rental, said: “The Highway Code does not specifically mention transporting Christmas trees, however, the rules are pretty clear when it comes to properly securing items being transported in a vehicle – and they all apply to Christmas trees.

“To avoid a fine, our advice would be to ensure you can safely transport a tree before you commit to the purchase. If you’re unsure you can do so within the rules of the road, it may be worth considering having one delivered or hiring a van.”