Britons embracing smart technolgy on the home front

89 per cent of British adults have at least one smart device

89 per cent of British adults have at least one smart device - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Brits are becoming increasingly tech-savvy at home, according to recent research.

The so-called Internet of Things (IoT), in which everyday objects have network connectivity, is - not surprisgingly - more popular than ever.

A study by Halifax found that 89 per cent of British adults have at least one smart device, from garage door-openers to voice-activated speakers, which they control via mobile phone apps and computers.

Smart TVs are by far the most popular connected devices, and more than a third (36 per cent) of adult Brits have at least one; 5 per cent have more than five smart devices in total.

Only 5 per cent of respondents have smart central heating, such as Hive or Nest, yet 26 per cent said it would be – or already is – transformative for their home.

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Not everyone’s happy, however. 59 per cent of the 2,046 adults quizzed by YouGov said they were worried that connected home devices may leave them vulnerable to hackers.

Ian Lloyd, End-to-End Transformation Director, said: “It’s amazing how many ways there are to enhance the interaction you have with your home through connected devices.

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“Our research has revealed that whilst connected homes may well still be in their infancy, it’s likely that we’ll see more exciting propositions that revolutionise our households.”

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