Average East of England home hasn’t been modernised since 2008

A bathroom revamp tops many people's wish list

A bathroom revamp tops many people's wish list - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

We’re a nation of landline-using, bathroom carpet-owners who haven’t updated our homes in years, new research has revealed.

According to a study by home interiors specialist, Hillarys, the average homeowner in the East of England hasn’t modernised their property in nine years.

It’s worse in the South West, with 12 years seven months given as the average length of time since the last modernisation work took place.

Hillarys quizzed 2,589 UK residents who either own their own home or are allowed to make changes to rented accommodation: 22 per cent still have corded landline phones and 11 per cent confessed to a bathroom carpet.

Asked which room they would like to modernise the most, 32 per cent said they dream of an open plan kitchen/diner, 24 per cent long to add a bath or shower to their bathroom and 15 per cent said an updated bedroom is what they’re after.

The majority (64 per cent) say the expense is the reason they haven’t had the work done, while 32 per cent blame a lack of time.

Tanya Irons, spokesperson for www.hillarys.co.uk, said: “Old school décor seems to be dying out slowly as more and more people choose to modernise their home, but there are costs involved in doing so which is why some aspects still linger.

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“Try changing something simple, such as the paint colour or a new blind, in order to give your room a new lease of life.”