A nod to the seventies

Home design inspired by David Bowie

Home design inspired by David Bowie - Credit: Archant

2016 has been heralded as the ‘celeb death year’ with international music legend David Bowie unfortunately one of the first to leave this mortal coil early in January with quite a few others of note following in more recent months.

Home design inspired by David Bowie

Home design inspired by David Bowie - Credit: Archant

However, according to interior design experts, his story lives on with a ‘nod to the seventies’ - the decade in which he most prominently rose to fame with classic hits such as Starman and Life on Mars.

In homage to the singer from Brixton, trends in 70s style furnishings have picked up in popularity which is being attributed to the reaction of his untimely death by his fans.

It stands as a memoriam to many of us who grew up listening to his music on the radio and on vinyl, before videos and DVDs were readily available.

Once and not so very long ago, the then so very unfashionable 70s trend of velvet appears to be making a comeback in 2016 as a reflection of Bowie’s flamboyant, theatrical, excessive and over the top style.

With this trend it seems the interiors world is saluting the late star’s style which could well win out in 2016, especially when it comes to a property’s fixtures and fittings.

Velvet chairs and cushions are everywhere at the moment and instantly add an element of class to any lounge or bedroom but a word of warning to parents: velvet can be a tricky fabric around mucky children, so be aware of this before purchasing.

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No Bowie-esque room would be without a bit of glitter and glam, full on Ziggy Stardust via neons, psychedelic patterns, metallics, glitter and pop art accessories such as printed cushions and vividly patterned rugs.

But it’s not just chairs, cushions and rugs which are getting the Bowie treatment.

Lighting designs have also been given the Starman touch, such as a lamp reflecting the image of the musician next to it. He is wearing an outfit with a futuristic design in shining black with geometric shapes and lines.

Another table lamp is similar to the one I used at university during those long (or not so long) nights studying with the image of Bowie in a softer look with the same colours as the lamp but also a hardness of the materials with the lampshades in aluminium.

Finally there is the extravagant Ziggy – Bowie’s iconic and most memorable alter ego in metal tones and attention to detail inspiring this chandelier.

Retro – some would say gaudy - wall art is another way of making David Bowie proud by experimenting with acid brights and clashing them with faded browns and olive greens.

Top tips for a Bowie 2016:

• Think theatrical and flamboyant

• Be bold and brash, don’t worry about colour clashes such as oranges, greens and purples and try out vibrant patterns

• Use tropical florals and fauna

• Add glam with metallics and glitter

And if you can’t afford the £14million price tag of his former Caribbean home, you can create a bit of his look with some hints here.

In the words of David Bowie – “I don’t know where I’m going from here but I promise it won’t be boring.”