Comment: A flat for £4,000? No, it’s nowhere near Herts

A one-bed flat on Bruce Street, Port Glasgow, could be yours for just £4,000

A one-bed flat on Bruce Street, Port Glasgow, could be yours for just £4,000 - Credit: Archant

The UK’s cheapest houses have been revealed and – what a surprise – none of them are anywhere near here.

According to research by online estate agents, the cheapest property currently on the market nationally is a one-bed flat in Port Glasgow – yours for just £4,000.

Turns out there are plenty of bargains to be had in that particular corner of Inverclyde, with the second and third cheapest homes also there, priced at £5,500 and £6,000.

All you’ll get for these kinds of prices in Herts is bits of land, and these, as with the plot currently for sale in Buntingford at £5,000, are guide prices likely to increase at auction.

The cheapest physical building currently for sale in Hertfordshire is a garage (a double one, mind) in Stevenage which has a guide price of £9,000.

After that, you’re into narrowboat territory, the most affordable of which is currently moored in Tring and has an asking price of £32,500.

The other bargain properties on the list are all in Scotland, West Yorkshire, Durham, Cumbria and Lancashire – a long way north of Herts.

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Sam Mitchell, CEO of notes that these particular properties “won’t appeal to the majority of buyers”, and he’s not wrong - many of them are in deprived areas with few jobs or opportunities.

Port Glasgow’s population has declined with its ship building industry and regeneration attempts have floundered, particularly in the Clune Park area where the top three mega-bargains are located.

As the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and anyone thinking of investing in a couple of flats in Port Glasgow may be wise buy a garage in Stevenage instead.