99 days ‘til Christmas - plenty of time to sell your house, buy a new one and move into it

A house decorated with lights in Hillcrest, Hatfield

A house decorated with lights in Hillcrest, Hatfield - Credit: Archant

There has been a notable increase in the number of house-hunters registering since the beginning of September.

Nick Ingle, Head of sales at Savills Harpenden, says that “the onset of Autumn has brought with it an uplift in activity” in the property market.

At this time of year, Christmas starts to get mentioned. There’s the standard things to think about - who’s hosting this year, who’s coming, who’s not coming, what colour theme should our wrapping paper be this year. Then there’s the more indirect bits and pieces - life admin that you want to deal with before the year ends. A great satisfaction comes with going into 2015 with your 2016 To Do list all checked off.

And although moving home seems like a huge undertaking to cram into the year’s final quarter, it’s actually a good time to buy.

“Demand remains strongest in the family market up to £1.25 million but, most reassuringly, is the renewed interest we are seeing for properties ranging from £2 million to £3 million – a market which has been relatively subdued throughout the course of this year,” says Nick Ingle. “More and more purchasers seem to be coming out of the Capital – hoping to accrue the differential between the sale of their London home and investing it in the country where they can get more house and land for the same money.”

So if you’re dreaming of spending Christmas in your very own country pile, decorated with sprigs of holly and spruce from the neighbouring woods, then take heed.

“The message for the Autumn is that there are buyers prepared to purchase across all price ranges but they need to be enticed by sensibly priced quality property to buy. If you are interested in selling, do not delay. There is time this side of Christmas to find, sell and buy your new home.”

Savills Harpenden can be reached for further information on 01582 465 000 or by visiting their website here.