8 benefits of installing a home CCTV system

Safe house: Home CCTV systems are becoming increasingly popular

Safe house: Home CCTV systems are becoming increasingly popular - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A local expert explains the increasing popularity of home security systems.

CCTV, also referred to as closed circuit television, collects footage from strategically placed cameras. Such systems are commonly installed inside and outside homes and commercial premises to improve safety and security.

With that in mind, here are eight benefits of installing CCTV at home.

1. It provides useful evidence

The cameras can capture each and every activity that is going on in and outside specific areas of the home. Therefore, in case of a home breakage or theft, investigators will be able to collect useful evidence about what took place from the recorded footage. The information can help with the investigation of identifying those who were involved.

2. It’s an effective form of security

Homes which have CCTV installed are safer. Cameras can capture almost every happening at home, meaning, in case of anything unusual, you will be alerted by the gadgets.

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3. It makes you feel safer

With CCTV installed, you know that your home is always keeping an eye out for potential break ins, meaning you will feel more relaxed and at ease. You can constantly check what is going on in or around the property, especially during the night. You will ultimately feel a sense of relief when you realise that everything is running smoothly in your household.

4. It creates a clear view

You will not be able to survey your entire home, especially if you have a big house or large grounds. But with the surveillance cameras, you will be able to have a clear view of even the tiniest spot of your house.

5. It’s affordable

With advanced technology, CCTV installation is relatively cheap. There are various brands of surveillance cameras on the market today, and you can be sure to purchase one which is suitable and of a pocket-friendly price.

6. It’s reliable

Surveillance cameras don’t ever have time off from their job: they work around the clock. If you get home from work and would like to view what has been going on in your house, you can get all the information from the cameras right away.

7. It reduces your insurance premium

Fortunately, an insurance company will charge you a relatively low premium if you have your home security sorted out, meaning you will end up saving money.

8. It makes the neighbourhood safer

The surveillance camera builds up the confidence of the people living in that community, as they can easily monitor the activities that are going on in their surroundings. This makes it safer to allow kids to go outdoors and play because the area is secure.

Simon Parker is the director of Minerva security. He and his team have over 70 years of shared experience of commercial business security and fire alarm systems. To find out more, visit http://minerva-security.co.uk/