5 surprising things that can boost a property’s value

Even the sparsest of leafy outlooks can add value

Even the sparsest of leafy outlooks can add value - Credit: Getty Images/Top Photo Group RF

We know south-facing gardens and good school catchments are an advantage when selling, but there are many lesser-known features that can also give a property the edge.

Leaders have put together a list of ‘5 unexpected things that can make your home more desirable to buyers’ - and hopefully boost its asking price.

Kevin Shaw, national sales director at Leaders, says: “From shops to restaurants and even the name of a road, plenty of things affect how a property is viewed by buyers.”

Here’s Kevin’s top 5:

A nearby supermarket

A house close to a large supermarket is typically worth thousands of pounds more than a similar property elsewhere, says Kevin: “What’s more, the price can be even higher if the store in question is an upmarket brand such as Waitrose or Marks & Spencer.”

Proximity to a Michelin starred restaurant

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We Brits love our food, and eating out is big business. Studies show that those who own a home close to a Michelin-starred restaurant typically achieve higher prices when selling.

A leafy view

Tree-lined streets and green views hold obvious appeal to buyers. “Take any home from an industrial landscape and place it in a leafy suburb and it is almost certain to rise in value,” says Kevin. “Even in roads with no obvious foliage, homeowners can make their property more appealing by planting trees and bushes. It really does make a difference.”

An appealing address

The address of a property can have a huge bearing on its value, as Kevin explains: “Recent research by Zoopla found homes with Street, Court and Terrace in their addresses were the cheapest of all, while those in a Warren, Chase or Mount are on average at least twice as expensive.”


The benefits of being close to main roads, train stations and airports are well known, but being in a position to walk as often as possible can also be extremely attractive to buyers. “Being able to stroll to work, local shops, school and the park can ensure a home is in high demand,” Kevin confirms.