36 per cent of Brits can’t do DIY without help

Are you afraid of a bit of DIY?

Are you afraid of a bit of DIY? - Credit: Archant

With 28 per cent of Brits stating that they have between four and 10 DIY tasks that still need doing around the house, and the average Brit only tackling three tasks a year, are Brits put off from doing DIY?

It’s that time of the year again to dust off our toolboxes and get spring cleaning. A recent nationwide survey conducted by JJ Roofing Supplies suggests that quite a few Brits will be struggling to clear their outstanding DIY task lists this year. The survey quizzed Brits about how many DIY tasks they do on a yearly basis compared to how many tasks they have outstanding.

With 10 per cent of Brits admitting that their DIY skills are poor, and 35.40 per cent admitting that they guess how to do DIY tasks, it’s not surprising that Brits are prone to DIY disasters.

When trying to do small DIY tasks around the house, one in four don’t know how to change a fuse, and 26 per cent of respondents said they have either broken light fixtures while trying to fix them or have ruined house décor by trying to spruce it up.

In some cases doing DIY has really gone wrong: nearly 9 per cent of Brits have found themselves in situations where they needed medical help when attempting to do DIY tasks.

A whopping 70 per cent of Brits have said they have paid someone else to do their DIY tasks. From fixing a leaking roof to hiring someone to put together their flat-pack furniture, 16 per cent of Brits splash out as much as £80 on a single basic DIY task.

The task-list doesn’t stop there, as the majority of respondents said they encounter 1–5 unexpected DIY jobs per year. With an average spend of £44 per task, that’s an additional £220 a year Brits are spending on just unexpected DIY projects.

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When asked which DIY tasks Brits would be able to do, 90 per cent said changing a lightbulb. This drops dramatically when it comes to fixing a leaking tap, as only 38 per cent of respondents felt comfortable doing it, followed by home insulation which only 23 per cent of respondents would tackle confidently.

When it comes to the younger generation, 10 per cent of millennials said that the last time they’ve done a DIY task was a year ago, while 40 per cent rely on YouTube to show them what to do.

It’s not surprising that 25 per cent of millennials have paid someone to fit household essentials, since 32 per cent have said they don’t own a proper tool box.

When it comes to labour tasks in general, millennials seem to be more comfortable cleaning windows and mowing the lawn and least comfortable with changing car tires or bricklaying.