3 ways to improve your real estate marketing

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Is it time for a new perspective on real estate imagery? - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

'A picture is worth a thousand words’ is an old adage but when it comes to selling property effectively, the right imagery is essential, says David Thurston of Carrot, a St Albans-based professional photography business. 

David shares his views on the most effective ways to improve marketing property; attracting buyers to everything from first-time homes to sprawling country estates and everything in between. 

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Drone photography can be the perfect way to show the surrounding area for potential property buyers. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

1. Include aerial or drone photography in your property listings 

Up until now, drone or aerial photography and video has been used mainly for very large country estates or properties with substantial land areas to help show the scale of the property on offer. But drone images can now be used to reveal lots about urban, residential properties in the low-mid range of the market too. 

When people are considering a house purchase, they want to see every aspect of that property. 

Drone photography can be the perfect way to show: 

  • More property features - you can get the full view and scale of the property, garden and sometimes surrounding areas such as parks or schools.
  • A visually more appealing presentation of a property – create a sense of awe and professionalism with drone images.
  • A better view – flying a drone just 20m in the air can sometimes be enough to show hidden or blocked views at ground level, from cars or garages or even hedges. 

2. Provide a point of difference 

Aerial view of suburb in London on a sunny day

David Thurston of Carrot, a St Albans-based professional photography business, offers his tips to improve your real estate marketing. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

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Property listings can become a bit monotonous after you’ve been searching for a while. Photography is one way to showcase your listings, giving them an edge over some of your competitors and providing an impressive overview to property hunters – particularly when searching online. And it's not just still images – a video ‘fly over’ of a property’s garden, or showing the view rising up from the ground of a home can give a unique perspective for the viewer.  

It’s often about presenting the property in the best possible light – quite literally. Good lighting, and clear images which show the reality of the features while highlighting the lifestyle on offer (not just the bricks and mortar) will help appeal on a practical and emotional level. 

Images which look appealing are also more likely to be shared on social media; extending the reach of the potential buyers. 

3. Use a professional photographer 

Photography and video equipment is available to anyone with the right budget but knowing what to do with that equipment, and how to create stunning images which will sell a property quickly and cost effectively – that's where a professional photographer can really shine. 

There are also a lot of safety regulations, authorisations and the correct insurance policies needed to fly a drone in a built-up area. As an experienced pilot, I know the importance of risk assessments and capturing footage in a safe way and was one of the first people to be granted permission to commercially operate drones in the UK. The team is also experienced in property photography of interiors and exteriors to highlight the unique features which can sell a home. 

To find out more about Carrot's property photography services visit www.carrot.co.uk