12 per cent of house moves driven by jealousy

One in eight envious home owners began the process of selling their own property after taking a look

One in eight envious home owners began the process of selling their own property after taking a look at a pal's superior pad - Credit: Getty Images

House envy is driving us to renovate, decorate – and even sell – our homes in a bid to match up to our friends’ ‘superior’ properties.

According to a new survey from home interiors specialist Hillarys, one in eight Brits are so envious that they’re opting to sell up and buy a new home.

Hillarys quizzed 2,408 UK adults, all of whom own their home with their spouse, about their attitudes towards their home versus the homes of others.

When asked if they were happy with the way their place currently looked, only 35 per cent said it was exactly how they wanted it.

71 per cent said they were envious of the interior decoration and possessions of their friends and family, however.

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The most common responses to these feelings of house envy included making a start on renovations or decorating (38 per cent), looking at other properties on the market (25 per cent) and decluttering (23 per cent).

One in eight (12 per cent) of those who were envious of others’ homes began the process of selling their property within six months of comparing it, and finding it fell short.

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When asked what they specifically looked for in a new home the main responses were more bedrooms (26 per cent) and a larger living space (24 per cent).

Tara Hall, spokesperson for Hillarys, said: “Some people enjoy making their homes perfect for the way they live.

“For others, it’s not so easy to know what they want or where to get the ideas. Rather than feeling jealous, they could speak to their friends and family members and come up with ideas together.”

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