Everything you need to know about private health facilities

Pinehill Hospital is located on a quiet residential street in Hitchin with wooded surroundings.

Pinehill Hospital is located on a quiet residential street in Hitchin with wooded surroundings. - Credit: Archant

Thinking about going private? Here, we take a look at Pinehill Hospital in Hitchin and some of the benefits of using private health care.

The newly refurbished private rooms at Pinehill come with a range of modern amenities.

The newly refurbished private rooms at Pinehill come with a range of modern amenities. - Credit: Pinehill

Located on a quiet residential street in Hitchin, Pinehill is one of Hertfordshire’s leading private hospitals.

The hospital has a reputation for delivering high quality services for self-pay and insured private patients, as well as some NHS referrals, and treated 3000 people in 2018. Chris Burrows, Hospital Director at Pinehill, shares some key considerations to bear in mind when choosing private health care.

What are the main benefits of using a private hospital?

Patients at private hospitals benefit from much shorter waiting times compared to the NHS, meaning they receive quicker appointments and treatment. At Pinehill, self-funding patients can make an appointment to see a private consultant within 72 hours without waiting to be referred by their GP. This can be particularly beneficial if you are self-employed or in pain and require quicker medical assistance.

Another advantage of private healthcare is flexible appointments, which means you can be seen and treated on a day and time that suits you. Patients can also choose from a range of fully-qualified specialist consultants.

What services are on offer?

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Private hospitals offer a large selection of clinical services from simple treatments to more specialised procedures. For example, Pinehill offers orthopaedics (bones and joints), hernia repair, endoscopy, cataract surgery, urology, cosmetic surgery and radiology for private patients.

Recovery and surgery aftercare treatments such as physiotherapy and post-operative rehabilitation are also available for private patients, helping to ensure a quick healing process.

How much does it cost?

Pinehill offers a number of different payment options, including a single one-off payment at a pre-arranged price, a flexible pay-as-you-go scheme and finance options with affordable monthly payments.

All major insurance companies are accepted at Pinehill. The hospital is also in partnership with a finance company which provides interest-free, 12 month medical loans to make expensive procedures more accessible.

What are the facilities like?

Thanks to their smaller size, private hospitals have excellent facilities and often offer a higher standard of personalised care compared to public hospitals. For example, Pinehill provides a home-from-home environment with comfortable, newly refurbished private rooms and peaceful surroundings. Total-Care patients also benefit from en-suite bathrooms, and most rooms come with free Wifi, satellite TV, a telephone and radio. Freshly prepared meals are served in the rooms daily.

The hospital is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and has stringent cleanliness and infection control processes in place. In the last eight years, there have been no reported cases of hospital-acquired MRSA.

What about the staff?

Pinehill’s staff are friendly, reliable and always make sure that their patient’s needs and comfort are of the highest priority. All of the consultants, physiotherapists and nurses are highly experienced and offer an exceptional level of care before, during and after treatment.

Patients also have the peace of mind knowing that there is someone on hand 24 hours a day, whether it’s a consultant, nurse or the resident medical officer.

How can I get private surgery?

If you have private health insurance, many treatments may be covered as part of your policy. It’s worth checking with your insurance provider to see what services are available to you. Another option is to pay for private surgery yourself.

Whichever route you choose to take, you will benefit from quick and hassle-free access to expert medical advice and treatments with no waiting lists, no cancellations and unlimted aftercare. You can also choose your consultant and be assured the he or she will be the person delivering your treatment or surgery.

Why Choose Pinehill?

There are many benefits of choosing Pinehill Hospital as your health care provider, including:

• High quality, 24/7 care

• Modern facilities, including private rooms with en-suites, TVs, radios and wifi

• Stringent cleanliness and infection control measures

• Quicker appointments and treatments

• Choice of fully-qualified, specialised consultants

• No waiting lists and cancellations

Ramsay Health Care Patient Satisfaction Survery (2018) found that:

• 99 per cent of patients said that they were treated with respect and dignity

• 95 per cent of patients would recommend Pinehill to friends and family

• 93 per cent of patients rated the quality of care as excellent or very good

• 98 per cent of patients reported a friendly welcome

If you want to make an appointment at Pinehill Hospital, call the appointment team on 01462 427221. For more information about paying for your own treatment, call the enquiry team on 01462 410 002. Alternatively, visit pinehillhospital.co.uk.