Lauren the Fairy Food Mother comes to the rescue

Lauren Gayfer

Lauren Gayfer - Credit: Archant

Oh my goodness, I wish I had known Lauren Gayfer, aka The Fairy Food Mother when my two children were babies. It would have been fabulous to have someone wave a magic wand and restore my energy levels and help me through the “witching hour”!

Lauren, a nutritional therapist based in Redbourn knows what it is like to raise young children and to deal with flagging energy and lack of sleep. She has combined this knowledge to bring friendly and helpful nutrition advice to local mothers, that is realistic for already busy lives.

As Lauren explained to me as she sipped herbal tea (me coffee, eek...) there are so many resources for babies, but where is the support for the mums? Good food can nourish you, help you look fabulous, boost your health and wellbeing, help with hormonal imbalance, support you during pregnancy, reduce stress, and help you “get back on your feet” at a time when you have many demands.

Lauren launched her local business at the beginning of this year and has already met lots of women who have benefited from her advice. One said “thank you for making me feel human again”, which I am sure has appeal for many new mums reading this.

Lauren has talked at local NCT groups, and treated the Southdown Bumps and Babes group to home-made muffins containing ingredients to boost milk flow!

Lauren’s view is that eating well is not about giving up lots of foods, but about eating what your body needs. She told me about how important it is to eat regularly, and about having quick and nutritious snacks and meals to hand such as vegetables and nuts to stave off hunger.

She gets asked “tell me what to eat” and Lauren’s approach is to dispel myths and give guidance for what does work – quite simply “eat what you recognise”.

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Lauren explained that she doesn’t agree with the “low” fat approach of many diets and packaged foods, saying that it’s added sugar that is the real problem. Eating fresh food, that hasn’t been processed, will nourish our bodies without adding chemicals and toxins.

Lauren says keep it simple – “eat what grew on a plant, or fed on grass”. It makes perfect sense, but I’m sure many of us make poor choices, especially when tired or stressed; having a gentle nudge can only be a good thing. Lauren has worked with pregnant women, people trying to conceive, new mums, breastfeeding mums, and clients who need support to lose weight as their children get older.

I was fascinated to hear about how food can help boost your immunity – as a parent with school-age children I have just had months of colds and bugs – Lauren’s sensible advice is just as relevant ten years after babyhood!

If you would like to talk to Lauren, you can book a free 15-minute nutritional evaluation ( 07710 151503). You can then work out together what will work for you.

Lauren is running a “Spring Cleanse” package to help clients recover after the grotty winter we have just had. The course lasts for four weeks and includes a super food green powder that you add to smoothies to give a boost of nutrients. The cost is £89 – money well spent if you feel revitalised and ready for summer!

For private consultations, prices are £60 for an initial consultation lasting 60-90 minutes. Follow-ups are £45 or clients can book a discounted package of two (£95) or three (£130) consultations in advance. At the moment there is 10 per cent off packages and consultations. Lauren can come to your home at a time that suits you (and your children!) and can talk via skype if that helps!

Lauren has given us some tips that are perfect for new mums out there, but really are just as useful for any stage of life. Lauren looks sparkling with health – it works!