‘Lamb Cam’ at London Colney’s Willows Farm

THE Lambing Marquee at Willows Farm Village will be a hive of activity over the coming weeks and vistors will have an opportunity to see it all first hand.

The London Colney farm is expecting hundreds of lambs to be born to its flock of 100 ewes, which includes breeds such as Continental crosses, Suffolk crosses, Jacobs and Scotch half-breeds.

For the first time, visitors will be able to keep an eye on the progress of the lambs with the help of the brand-new Lamb Cam, which will broadcast live on the Willows Farm website during the February Frolics event from February 11-19.

Those watching the Lamb Cam in the early hours of the morning will see farmers Andrew and Anna Wolfe tending to the sheep and helping with the newborns.

Andrew said: “As farmers, we’re lucky to be able to see each stage of the lambing process and we’re excited that we can now share this with visitors.

“It’s wonderful to see the newborns bonding with their mothers, who nudge and coax them towards taking their first steps within a few minutes of birth.

“Over the next few days, ewes and their lambs come to recognise one another’s scent and bleats and thanks to the Lamb Cam visitors can now share in every stage of this fascinating process.”

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Tuck the Shepherd will also be seen tending to the sheep by day and will be on hand during opening hours to answer any ‘un-ewe-usual’ questions from visitors.

Children also have the chance to get involved themselves and win a prize for their efforts.

Anna explained: “While we’ll be taking great care of our own lambs at Willows, it seems Bo Peep will need a helping hand from visitors to find her lost flock of fun sheep around the farm village.”

For more information visit www.willowsfarmvillage.com or call 0870 129 9718.