Fat loss and skin tightening: How to tone and sculpt your body without the surgery 

Jena Foster, owner of the No 23 Body Clinic for non-surgical treatments in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England.

Jena Foster, owner of the No 23 Body Clinic in Hertfordshire. - Credit: No 23 Body Clinic

With the world opening up again, many of us are enthusiastic to kickstart our fitness routine and get back to the gym. To enhance your muscle definition, lose stubborn fat and get your body looking better than ever, there are safe, non-surgical treatments that can aid and speed up the process for you. 

Jena Foster, owner of the No 23 Body Clinic in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, is here to share how these treatments can help you feel confident and love your body.  

Q: What are the advantages of non-surgical treatments? 

They can help you achieve results whilst being completely safe and have little-to-no side effects. You may experience some pain-free redness, swelling or numbness in the first 24 hours or up to a couple of weeks. There is no downtime after treatments – some of my clients come in on their lunch break and go straight back to work that afternoon.  

Some clients that attend the clinic have travelled across the world for surgery that went wrong, induced serious side effects, caused permanent damage to their bodies and prevented them from working for weeks.  

I recommend fully vetting the clinic you choose - I also had a bad experience with surgery when I was younger and I really regret having it done. I wish there had been an option for non-surgical treatments at the time because it’s a no-brainer decision for me now. Our treatments are safe, more affordable than surgical ones, and are just down the road for our clients.   

Results from fat freezing treatment and ultrasound on stomach and back fat at the No 23 Body Clinic, Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

Client after and before results from only one fat freezing treatment and HIFU (High intensity focused ultrasound) for the lower stomach and back fat. - Credit: No 23 Body Clinic

Q: How long can it take for results to show? 

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It varies depending on the treatment, but it takes 12 weeks for your body to dispose of fat through the lymphatic drainage system, although some clients do start to see results after as little as two weeks. 

There are things you can do, however, to help nudge the process along and see results sooner. Maintaining a healthy diet, completing your aftercare and sticking to a weekly exercise routine are all beneficial for speeding up results, even if it’s just a half an hour walk or some cardiovascular workouts a few times a week. 

Non-surgical muscle toning treatment results to lift and tone the bum at the No 23 Body Clinic in Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

Client before and after results from eight sessions of the muscle toning treatments to lift, build and tone the bum. - Credit: No 23 Body Clinic

Q: What treatments does the No 23 Body Clinic offer? 

Fat freezing is our most popular treatment at the moment – we use a hand-held machine that creates a vacuum and cools the fat to around minus five degrees, destroying the fat cells permanently.  

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is the latest body sculpting technology and a popular treatment due to its non-invasive nature. It delivers targeted ultrasound energy specifically into the deep, structural tissues and muscle layers to destroy fat cells, reduce cellulite and tighten the skin. We recommend around one to three sessions for this treatment, depending on the desired results.  

We have a cavitation and radiofrequency machine which also breaks down fat cells. The radiofrequency heats layers under the skin, encouraging collagen production, to achieve the end result of tightening, lifting and improving the appearance of the skin. It works in a similar way to HIFU but is a milder treatment.

Our muscle toning treatment works by contracting the muscles, building and toning them over time – this is a great treatment to enhance results if you work out regularly or are considering re-joining the gym after lockdown. It's also good for clients post-pregnancy to improve diastasis recti (the partial or complete separation of the abdominal muscles), for post-surgical clients where physical activity is not possible, the aging population and professional athletes. We recommend four to eight treatments, which can be performed two to three times a week. 

The No 23 Body Clinic for non-surgical treatments in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England.

A treatment room at the No 23 Body Clinic in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. - Credit: No 23 Body Clinic

Q: What should people know before booking a treatment? 

It’s important to understand that the results are dependent on your actions – our treatments aren’t miracle workers. Some results are permanent, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle during and after your treatment, will help you achieve the body you want.  

The clinic is taking extra precautions and Covid-19 measures are in place. The safety of our clients remains paramount; we are using gloves and masks, and we sanitise areas regularly to create a safe, secure environment you can visit.  

For more information on the treatments on offer, visit no23bodyclinic.co.uk. Alternatively, contact Info@no23bodyclinic.co.uk.  

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