Badly maintained drain to blame for St Albans road flooding, say residents

A flooded section of Noke Lane

A flooded section of Noke Lane - Credit: Archant

Residents claim a poorly-kept drain has caused a St Albans road to flood following bad weather over the Christmas and New Year period.

Twenty metres of Noke Lane was flooded near Noke Farm and standing water also collected in other areas of the road, including on the apex of a blind bend near the farm.

Residents living near the farm also witnessed motorists driving over traffic cones that had been placed in the road as a precaution.

A 2ft wide trench was dug to alleviate the issue, but residents maintain that problems with the upkeep of a nearby drain meant the measures were not enough and the road flooded again just days later.

One local homeowner said: “The response, although swift, had no effect at all and more rainfall is predicted which I fear will only increase the size of the flood.

“The cause of the flooding is overgrown and poorly maintained drainage ditch which has not been maintained well enough in the last six years.”

Kevin Carrol, divisional manager for county council contractors Ringway, said: “The drainage system in Noke Lane was inspected on 12 January and officers found the ditches are working at capacity after recent significant rainfall. This has been referred for consideration for works as part of our ongoing maintenance programme.”