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Products in the Carousel Handbag Boutique by Ashron Designs

Products in the Carousel Handbag Boutique by Ashron Designs - Credit: Archant

THIS month I ventured behind the scenes, so to speak, to meet a new local supplier of accessories to local independent retailers.

Georgina Leelodharry of Ashron Designs turned her love of crafts into a business at the start of the New Year when she began hand making a range of accessories using Japanese papers.

Papermaking has a long tradition within Japan and the papers created incorporate beautiful designs inspired by kimono patterns, often with symbolic resonance.

Georgina sources these papers from a UK importer and captures them within glass, magnifying their intricate details.

Self-taught Georgina firstly seals the naturally porous paper so it does not bleed within the glass, then uses a meticulous process of glazing, to eventually create her finished products. The range includes handbag hooks, jewellery and compact mirrors.

Georgina observed that more often than not women will splash out on a new handbag only to immediately put it down on any floor where they happen to be.

So handbag hooks provided the perfect solution. They are small clips that you attach to a table and hang your bag from, both keeping your precious bag clean and safeguarding your belongings. Unlike some of the more ornate designs on the market, Georgina’s simple decorative hooks are easy to keep in your bag and don’t look out of place on the restaurant table. The hooks are available in different unique designs and are priced at £15.

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Georgina currently supplies her handbag hooks to one of my previous gems, The Carousel Handbag Boutique. As Georgina described: “Recently there has been a resurgence of the handmade, and I think it is important that local businesses and retailers support one another”.

The beauty of being a local supplier to a local business means that you often have an inside knowledge of your target audience along with the ability to immediately increase production of popular designs to meet demand.

Georgina is also expanding her range to jewellery and has created a number of pieces including necklaces in various shapes to match the nature and size of the paper design used. These can be silver plated or made in sterling silver according to individual requirements.

So visit The Carousel Handbag Boutique in the Village Arcade and take a look at new supplier Ashron Designs. You can also email Georgina directly for more information at ashrondesigns@gmail.com

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