As adorable as they often are, pets can also be a massive pain.

We're not talking about overflowing litter trays or dog sick on the stairs here - though these are definite drawbacks - but the absolute nightmare they can be when you're looking for a place to rent.

Speaking as someone who's currently renting somewhere less than lovely thanks to my furry so-called friends, choosing to be honest about their existence can definitely make life harder.

But having also rented out a house in the past, I can see why, given the choice, landlords would favour a pet-free tenant.

And while cats are sometimes OK, it's common for landlords to draw the line at dogs.

Writer and landlord Richard Burton mentions his 'no dogs' policy in this week's feature, a rule not all of his tenants have abided by...

When we were struggling to find a rental, loads of people suggested we smuggle the pets in once the lease had been signed. It would have made life easier, but the prospect of only walking the dog under cover of darkness felt a bit tiresome, plus one of the cats mainly lives in the front window, glowering at the neighbours - we'd definitely have been found out.

If only we lived in Southampton - the most pet-friendly UK city for renters, according to a new study.

Towergate Insurance analysed 25 major cities against 10 criteria to determine the best locations for pet-owning tenants.

When ranked on pets per capita, rentals listed as 'pets allowed' and lack of neighbour complaints regarding pets, the Hampshire hotspot came out on top.

Not fancying moving to the south coast, I'll be carrying on making the best of my underwhelming rental for the time being.

Though having finally had an offer accepted on a house, it hopefully won't be for too much longer.