How Meraki Festival is aiming to keep it green and eco-friendly

The Meraki Festival's eco-friendly Stack Cup.

The Meraki Festival's eco-friendly Stack Cup. - Credit: Archant

St Albans’ first major music festival pledges to promote a greener solution for festival drinking.

Organisers of the Meraki Festival are introducing new eco-friendly measures to ensure everyone has a great time without damaging the environment.

Organiser Kerry Marks explained: “Our festival cups are washable, durable and reusable, which is the perfect green solution to today’s growing revolution against a throw-away culture.

“When you buy your first drink you’ll pick up your Stack Cup for £1, which you’ll keep for the weekend and also take home at the end of the festival.”

When it comes to getting a fresh cup on the day Kerry added: “Of course when you need a fresh one, we will just swap it for a washed cup and off you go.

“Using stack cups means you can carry up to six pints in one hand, which means only one person has to head to the bar at one time.

“What makes this event so worthwhile is that you are also helping the environment by limiting the footprint Meraki will make.”

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