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PUBLISHED: 12:56 04 April 2018 | UPDATED: 12:56 04 April 2018

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I am grateful you reported on my motion regarding dog walking in your issue of March 8.

Myself and Cllr Jock Wright (seconder) are both members of the Bricket Wood Common Joint Management Committee. Users of the common asked if we would help tackle the problem of some dog walkers exercising too many dogs at a time.

As stated in your article this has been causing many problems, including danger to wildlife and other users of the common.

I am also concerned about the large amount of dog waste, which can lead to health problems, including blindness in small children.

The dog owners who employ these irresponsible dog walkers are possibly blissfully unaware, of the danger that their pets can be in.

My husband almost dispatched three dogs which suddenly ran out of the woods, onto the lane, because dog handler had too many dogs to be in control.

This practice would also invalidate the pets’ insurance.

Many authorities have developed PSPOs (Public Space Protection Orders), to limit the amount of dogs walked per handler, and some London boroughs have these restrictions.

Hence we have dog walking companies, which travel up from London to use and abuse Bricket Wood Common.

Profit making businesses should not be using the common, especially when they have harmful and anti-social effects.

I am hoping SADC can come up with a workable PSPO or a change in the by-laws to tackle the problem.

Finally, thanks to the users that have contacted me, who are grateful their responsible councillors are seriously tackling the problem

It is no joke!


County and District Councillor

Mount Pleasant Lane, Bricket Wood

On Sunday November 11 the Highfield Park Trust will be lighting our Beacon to mark the 100th anniversary of the ending of World War I. To commemorate the Hill End Hospital staff who fought in the conflict we wish to create new information display boards on the site.

If anybody has a relative, or knows of somebody, who worked at the hospital and served in the war and would be happy to share this information with us, the Trust would be extremely grateful.

The Trust can be contacted by telephone on 01727 847242 or email


Trustee, Highfield Park Trust

How disappointing. I read that Harpenden Town Council is promising to deep clean all our roads and presumably put chemicals down to kill all those “terrible weeds” this spring in an effort to tidy up.

Despite requests from charities like Plant Life and the Wildlife Trust to keep our verges green and protect wildlife and flowers the good people of Harpenden want everywhere tidied up.

Why can we not follow the example of Stevenage? There the council has given up the idea of gang mowing all the grass within an inch of its life and has been rewarded with roadsides full of wild flowers, insects, animals and even orchids.

Do you know that whilst daffodils may look very cheerful they are not insect friendly but dandelions which everyone wants to get rid off are a very important food source for butterflies and bees?

The Harpenden residents complain bitterly about the threat of losing the Green Belt but when the “Green Belt” is all around their homes they want it removed.

I understand that “tidying up” is a vote winner. If so I won’t be voting.


West Common, Harpenden

Between houses in Quantock Close and the back gardens of Mendip Close in Marshalswick are, for their environment, several seriously overgrown trees. No one wishes for any of the trees to be removed, but they are in urgent need of management and pruning.

The trees are the responsibility of St Albans council. For over a year now we have been trying to get the council to manage the growth of these trees, but at every turn have met frustration.

Initially in February 2017, before the spring growth of foliage began, we were told by council officers that the best time to do pruning was after the main growth season. In September we were told action would be taken “within the next 12 week”. Nothing has happened.

Even more concerning has been the ignoring of the issue by local district councillor and chair of Sandridge Parish Council, Janet Churchard.

We approached her due to her published interests in trees, eg for Heartwood Forest and Jersey Farm Woodland Park. Moreover, the Lib Dems are always telling us of how they take up local issues. Indeed the current issue of the Lib Dem ‘newsletter’, Focus, has a photo of Cllr Churchard “identifying where new trees should go”!

Unfortunately she has largely ignored our requests for help.

I spent 20 years as a county council member and not once failed to pursue any matter raised by constituents (even when there was likely to be a negative response in terms of a solution).

Local democracy will not work, despite the propaganda put out in newsletters, whether by the Parish Council and Focus, if the reality is ignoring of, and contempt for, constituents.


Mendip Close, St Albans

A reader writes in your letters page last week that they have seen recycling collection teams loading all the doorstep recycling into the same part of their collection lorries. Your reader wondered why she bothered carefully separating her recycling if it was just going to get mixed in together.

In fact, the recycling lorries do have separate sections for paper and plastic. It might look like everything’s being put in together but they’re not.

The council needs to keep the different kinds of recycling separate as they can sell it for a higher price that way. If the doorstep recycling has been ‘contaminated’ - for example by mixing paper and glass in together - then the recycling team will treat it as landfill.

Residents should rest assured that it is well worth them continuing to separate their recycling in the right way.

It generates money that the council can use to support its services.

And it helps to keep rubbish out of landfill, saving more money and reducing harm to the environment.


Green Party

Why is campaign group Save Butterfly World still fighting? Because we care and have grown into an active local community group and charity. We are now working with Buglife to see if there is not another site we could gradually turn into Butterfly World 02, if possible in St Albans.

In the meanwhile we are have organised four butterfly fairs, a recitlal of butterfly poems and our second art exhibition Our Wonderful Natural Environment 2018 runs from April 1-27 from 11am-4pm at The Peter Ingram Gallery, Frogmore Paper Mill, Fourdrinier Way in Hemel Hempstead Last year’s exhibition was thought by many to the best exhibition of the year.

I suppose there is one other reason at least for me.

Breheny Civil Engineers have a proud record with projects in environmentally sensitive area and clients like the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

They also hold a number of prestigious environmental awards. I want John Breheny to know that the violation of Butterfly World might put these at risk once the awarding bodies know the situation.

I have been campaigning all his life starting when I was 17 and launched the eventually successful campaign to get the voting age lowered from 21 to 18. I have real concerns over the way Butterfly World closed.

Chair and founder, Save Butterfly World

Disappointing to see the ‘fear factor’ being used by those arguing for another Referendum - this time that Brexit could greatly reduce the supply of EU nationals to help staff the NHS (shouldn’t we be training our own anyway, with or without a university degree?)

In contrast was the down to earth comment on TV from a young factory worker soon after the ‘first’ Referendum: “We’re British aren’t we, the decision’s been made, now let’s get on with it!”


Fairmead Avenue, Harpenden

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