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PUBLISHED: 11:37 20 February 2017 | UPDATED: 11:37 20 February 2017

A plane taking off from Luton airport.

A plane taking off from Luton airport.

Danny Loo Photography 2016

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I write concerning your articles about Luton Airport in the Herts Advertiser this week.

Whilst I have every sympathy with the residents of Hertfordshire who are directly affected by the airport, I’d like to enlighten readers from here in Luton South.

The ‘Luton’s gain is Hertfordshire’s pain’ statement is unfair.

Having lived in this part of Luton for many years, I can assure your readers we are not living in some sort of affluent urban utopia as a result of having an airport. Those of you who venture over the border know that to be true.

Complaining to the airport is futile. Most of us here have developed complaint fatigue to be honest. It falls on deaf ears and nothing at all is done to address the fact the swathe is regularly abused bringing aircraft lower and closer to our homes.

The airport denies this categorically and just send us data. I don’t need that, I just look out of my windows and call tell it’s changed over the years. Paltry fines do little to deter the airlines when they stray.

Luton South suffers dreadfully from air pollution, noise pollution and disturbed sleep through the night due to ever increasing flights between the hours of 11pm and 6am. I was woken up last night at 3am - again.

We are unable to secure noise monitors for our gardens. They are strategically placed in areas where the aeroplanes are quite high after take off and prior to landing; therefore the noise is dramatically lessened.

The reality is the noise can be unbearable. I have a wonderful garden and cannot sit out there in the summer due to the noise and stench of aviation fuel.

We were told we’d be eligible for grants to insulate our homes - that has never materialised.

I’d like to add that a survey carried out by the airport a couple of years ago asked local residents ‘Are you happy with the new flight path/swathe’. It came back with a resounding yes. This survey was only carried out in Hertfordshire. We in Luton were never asked. So much for Luton’s gain.

I wish the residents of Herts all the best with their campaigning - you’ll need bucket loads of resilience to get through to the powers that be.

Lastly, I’d like to ask how many of your readers in Herts use the airport? I do myself for business, so whilst we all moan, we are contributing to the noise and pollution aren’t we.

Name and address supplied

I refer to Barry Haves’ recent letter, in which he argues that Peter Lilley should vote against the wishes of his constituents because Mrs Lagarde gave EU work to her dentist! Well Barry, this is very creative, but I’m not sure I follow your reasoning.

Firstly, Mrs Lagarde has nothing to do with the EU institutions, she is MD of the IMF. If Peter Lilley votes to leave the EU in contradiction to the wishes of his constituents, he will, in my opinion, have failed his constituents.

In a perfect democracy, we would all go to Parliament every day and represent ourselves.

As this is not a practical possibility, it is the MP’s job is to replicate this as well as possible. To vote against wishes of his constituents is to vote against their interests, which is a clear breach of democracy.

However, relating to Barry Haves’ letter, Peter Lilley will not have changed anything about Britain’s relationship with the IMF and Mrs. Lagarde and her dentist.

I share many of the views of EU gravy trains and retirement jobs for failed politicians, but this does not support shifting power back to Westminster.

Westminster is home to the biggest upper house in the world (except China) where 760 unelected Lords, mostly expired politicians and their business friends are free to represent their own interests, or simply drop in, claim a generous allowance and then leave.

In the lower house we have seen the MPs’ expenses scandal, in which most offending MPs were simply asked to pay the money back, but suffered no further consequence. Westminster too has a very well developed gravy train!

The prime purpose of European unification started soon after the Second World War, and its prime purpose was to prevent a Third World War from starting in Europe.

It has been so successful in that respect, that we do not believe further wars are possible.

Yet we now have increasing divisions within the nations of Europe, the rise of the right, Putin in the Ukraine and staring at the Baltic states, ISIS, and Trump threatening to disband NATO. When considering the merits of Europe, perhaps we should consider that there might be worse things in the world than Mrs Lagarde!

Antonine Gate, St Albans

Interesting to read thecontrasting views on which way our parliamentary representatives for St Albans and Harpenden should vote in relation to the Brexit Bill.

What makes me laugh is the way Remain voters seriously believe Anne Main and Peter Lilley should vote against the Brexit Bill for triggering Article 50, despite both being vociferously in favour of leaving the EU.

I appreciate that at the polls in June 2016 just under 63 per cent of St Albans/Harpenden votes were cast in favour of remaining in EU, however the referendum was a national vote, and any regional variations should only be viewed from a statistical point of view.

Remain supporters often play the democratic-card when it comes to the Brexit debate. For this reason they should realise the referendum WAS a democratic vote, and UK voters have spoken accordingly – 52 per cent in favour of leaving the EU, which in mathematics terms is considered a majority.

Likewise it is our MPs’ democratic right to support a cause the way they see best and not be forced into a course of action against their beliefs.

This attitude is similar to how the wasteful, undemocratic, unelected EU runs their organisation.

This is the same organisation responsible for the UK having no say over its own laws, economy and managing immigration.

Our MPs are working hard under increasingly difficult political conditions to ensure the interests of residents and businesses are met suitably.

An example in point being their vehement opposition to the much derided rail freight terminal. It would be a shame if a mindless few were to protest vote against them at the next General Election as punishment.

But then again, it is well documented that the EU intends to punish the UK for daring to stand up to its dictatorship. The people of the UK have voted by majority to leave, therefore all ‘Remainers’ should accept this and not try to fight a battle they have already lost.

Colney Heath Lane, St Albans

On a recent TV news broadcast on Adelaide’s Channel 9 here in South Australia, there was a short feature on Bunnings Hardware Store, espousing the virtues of the store which was opening in a “village one hour from London”.

The short video clip showed The Abbey and a view of shoppers in Fishpool Street looking uphill towards the Clock Tower. Some clips of the Roman Wall and employees doing the Bunnings adverts were also included.

The idea that St Albans is a village rather annoyed me, so I rang the TV station the next morning and advised them of the fact that St.Albans is a city and not a “village”. How easy is it in this day and age to obtain the facts. A village of 140,600? Some village

While Bunnings’ opening may seem good to some people, remember that Wesfarmers, the owners of Bunnings, is a business not a charity and is interested in profits for their shareholders.

Sadly like here in Australia small hardware stores will be driven to the wall being unable to compete with this large conglomerate. While giving employment to some it could be at the cost of unemployment for others, a sad truth in today’s business world.

At the same time during the TV broadcast there was another StAlbans mentioned, a Melbourne suburb this time where unfortunately a murder had been committed. Gladly not the St Albans I grew up in.

Cecilia Road, South Australia. 5164.

I would like to thank you for publishing my letter ‘Search for Angel Anne’ (December 15)

I received a wonderful email from Ann’s family yesterday!

Grandpa Teddy, Ann’s son, read my letter in your paper, just by chance, before Christmas!

Alex, Ann’s grandson, sent me the email which contained an email address and a telephone number.

Sadly Ann is no longer with us, she was 90 years old when she went to be with the Lord.

I have just spent a wonderful half an hour on the phone talking to Ann’s son and his wife. We are now established friends thanks to your help!

Many thanks again - God bless you all.

Chief executive, Footprints in the Snow

Following your article about the A414 Longabout in the edition of February 2 I am pleased to tell your readers that Colney Heath Parish Council, working with County Councillor Dreda Gordon, has arranged for county council officers to make a full presentation of the proposals at our parish council meeting of Thursday March 9 to be held at Charles Morris Hall in Tyttenhanger.

All members of the public are welcome to attend.

If any readers have questions they would like covered in the presentation please could they email the parish office

Chairman, Colney Heath Parish Council

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