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Gardening: A flower for all seasons is found on family farm

I pulled into the library carpark in Berkhamsted on Monday evening, where I was due to be meeting Trevor - it has been lashing down with rain all day, and I hadn’t been sure whether I’d still be able to meet with him and his wife Bettina.

Gardening: Bringing green to grey at Chelsea Flower Show

If you’re lucky enough to be attending the Chelsea Flower Show this week, or you’re watching it on the television coverage - you’ll see that as well as the large show gardens, which continue to be just as impressive every year; this year there are some really different concepts, which have really caught my eye.

When autumn leaves start to fall once again...

This weekend I went for a walk in my beloved Ashridge. Some 20 minutes from St Albans, and about 15 from Harpenden, you can be right in the heart of the Ashridge estate. In my humble opinion; there are few places more beautiful on the planet, but then I am slightly biased.

Gardening: The dying days of summer still have much to offer in the garden

True to form, the Bank Holiday weather was terrible. If you listen to most people - that’s what they’ll be saying. For the majority, rain spells bad news - the majority - but not for me. Not only is rain my favourite type of weather, it does untold good for our gardens. The changing of the seasons has well and truly started.