10 tips for camping at Meraki Festival 2019

What do you need to know if you're camping at Meraki Festival 2019?

What do you need to know if you're camping at Meraki Festival 2019? - Credit: Archant

Rain or shine, one of the best parts of a British festival is the camping. Whether you choose to pitch your own tent, take your camper van or opt for some luxurious glamping you’re bound to have fun camping at Meraki Festival.

Here are 10 handy tips and suggestions for your camping trip this summer:

1. Pick the right tent

There's nothing worse than feeling cramped and uncomfortable in a tent that isn't big enough. Make sure you bring a tent that has a suitable amount of space for your needs!

2. Stay warm

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Despite some of the hot weather we've been having this summer; it might get rather chilly during the night. Having a proper sleeping mat and sleeping bag is essential for keeping the cold away.

3. Ear plugs and sleep masks

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If you're someone who would like to get in a good night's sleep during the festival, it would be a good idea to bring ear plugs for the late-night music, and an sleep mask for the early morning sun! You'll thank us later.

4. Torches

Despite the festoon lights and flashing spotlights on stage, you might find yourself in the dark at some point. It might be handy to have a torch or two packed just in case.

5. Portable chargers

To save waiting around at a charging point, bring a portable charger to carry around in your bum bag or keep in your tent.

6. Don't bring valuables

Avoid bringing anything that you don't want to be lost or stolen. It's unlikely to happen if you look after your things, but it's better to be safe than sorry!

7. Sensible clothing

You never know what the British weather will throw at you, but it's a good idea to be prepared for anything…

8. Wet clothing bag

If it's rain that is forecast, a leak-proof place for wet things is a great idea.

9. Snacks

Kids and adults alike, we all get hungry. Bring a few durable snacks with you to the festival to keep everyone happy!

10. Wet wipes and hand sanitizers

Last but by no means least. Festivals can be a messy place, so keep on top of the mud and stray glitter whilst you camp!

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