10 tips to make camping at the Meraki Festival go without a hitch

Make the most out of your camping experience at Meraki.

Make the most out of your camping experience at Meraki. - Credit: Archant

Planning on pitching up overnight at the Meraki Festival, or even making a weekend of it beneath canvas? Jessica Newman has put together her best tips to ensure foolproof camping.

Do check your tent before you go. Pitch up your tent in the back garden first just to make sure you have the patience and willpower to go through with this whole camping thing.

Do check the weather. No bizarre weather is exempt in Britain. Expect the unexpected. Be prepared, and be afraid.

Do bring the appropriate gadgets. No, don’t bring the PS4 - that’s not going to help your survive in these wicked conditions. Pack a portable phone charger, just incase you need rescuing.

Do dress for success. Remember you’re not Bear Grylls and being too survivalist is a mistake. Skimping on the thermals will have you looking like the biggest laughing stock on the campsite.

Do keep clean. No matter what you do, you will smell, and you will smell bad.

Do bring plenty of plastic bags. If you don’t bring plastic bags your camping trip is definitely going to end in disaster.

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Don’t choose the wrong size tent. Never trust the advice of tent-sizing guidelines. A ‘spacious’ ‘three-man’ tent actually means ‘comfortable’ for one and ‘very sweaty’ for a couple.

Don’t try to make friends with animals. They will steal your food and then laugh about it with their friends.

Do be prepared for the worst. There is every chance your tent will blow away or collapse following an avalanche of rain. Lets be realistic, it will rain. Then you’ll catch one of those horrendous six-month colds and the downward spiral will long continue. But take things with a pinch of salt, it’s only temporary.

Don’t leave your rubbish lying around. If you want to share something really disgusting with others please don’t use the bin.

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